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My name is Jessica Botvinick and I have a doctorate in physical therapy. I’ve always been interested in health and nutrition, and I am so glad I ventured into the field of physical therapy. I have a background in dance and have always loved movement. I knew I wanted to utilize my love of movement and health in my career. Recently, I’ve become increasingly interested in holistic health and combining not only physical activity, but incorporating nutrition and lifestyle modifications into my daily life. I then like to impart this wisdom into my daily practice when working with clients and patients. I feel no injury can completely heal if these other lifestyle factors are not addressed.

Physical therapy is a holistic form of medicine — focus is on manual therapy, modalities, and corrective and preventative exercises to get people back to their daily routine. This blog will serve as a forum for me to compile information about physical therapy and other health tips I have learned along the way including nutrition, beauty tips, stress management, and general exercise/fitness information.  I will definitely be tweaking this blog along the way, but hopefully people find it educational. Comments and questions are appreciated and will help to shape the site and serve as a forum for like-minded people. Enjoy!


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Jessica is a licensed physical therapist currently living and working in NY.

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  1. Hi Jessica.
    What nice surprise/treat to see you and Gladys in the blog. It’s almost like having you both here in my living room, coaching me on and giving me tips for success! I enjoyed the blog (and the bone broth recipe) and am looking forward to the next post.

  2. Jess the blog was great. It focus on all the problems that I deal with on a daily basis. It was very informative thank you so much

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